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"Never underestimate the amazing power of love and compassion." ~ Jason Wishert

We strive for craftsmanship

At Embassy Enterprises, our specialty is Cedar Fence Installation. We do not install vinyl, chain link or composite fences. We only use high quality cedar from Canada, delivered at a thickness of ¾". We have pioneered several innovations and practices to the fencing industry that include; InvisaScrews™, Post Cement Domes™ & InvisiClips™.

We've been in business since 1993 and after 21 years in business, we've learned what our customer's want. That's why Embassy Enterprises now offers the finest residential clear cedar fencing in the business completely risk-free, with no money deposit, a 10% warranty holdback, 2 service visits, superb clean-up and a written one year warranty.

Announcing: The Platinum Pre-stained KNOT-FREE Cedar Fence

Our exclusive Platinum Line of pre-stained all clear cedar fences use the "best of the best" materials and will adorn your residence with functional elegance that is built to maintain not only its structural integrity, but its visual brilliance with two hand applied coats of Timber Pro UV plant based ultra-life fence stain. Stainless steel screws will never deface the beautiful cedar grain with stains or streaks that other screws leave behind. Our post cement dome is made with a polymer modified vinyl concrete that is so strong, owner Jason Wishert calls it "Roswell Concrete" because its strangely decades ahead of its time.

Our professional philosophy

Our commitment is to build our customers the very finest fencing products using our collective knowledge of common fencing failure points plus the looks, styles, materials and functionality that demanding residential customers seek in their next fence. This philosophy gives little regard to time or cost of materials and our Platinum Line costs $87.00 per linear foot installed, with gates at $125.00 per foot installed. In apples to apples comparison, this is underpriced. We invite you to find another licensed contractor that will bring you this amazing masterpiece in fencing all risk-free to you at the same price.

Here are 10 Reasons you should choose Embassy Enterprises to build your cedar fence!

1. Our Fences Are Built to Last !

Having seen the failure points of the fences we have torn-out and replaced over the years, we incorporate innovative touches to the most commonly known failure points of residential cedar fences. Fences fail at the post at ground level and we have developed the post cement dome to effectively combat this. We PREMIX all of our post concrete and do not dry pack post concrete as this is a lazy practice and never sets-up properly. All of our posts are at least 24" in the ground with a full 80 lbs post concrete each.

2. No money deposit policy!

Why would you give money to a stranger before any work has been done? So many customers all over the country have been ripped-off by giving deposits to contractors. We maintain an operating budget and never ask for any money up-front.

3. 21 years in business without a single complaint!

With over 30 miles of residential fencing installed over the years, we have never had a complaint of any kind and maintain a perfect record at the Oregon construction contractor's board. Customer satisfaction is what we are all about and we accomplish this by delivering on time and on budget leaving the jobsite clean and neat.

4. Stainless steel screws!

There is no substitute for using exterior screws in the construction of your fence and gates. At $23.00 per pound most contractors will not use screws due to the cost and time to install. Most contractors use nails or staples and these come loose over the years.

5. All fence boards are ¾" Canadian cedar!

There is a huge difference between the 5/8" American cedar you get at the big box stores and the ¾" Canadian cedar Embassy Enterprises uses in all fencing applications. Canada has a much shorter thus slower growing season, so there is a tighter ring pattern in Canadian cedar. The material between the tree rings represent the spring and summer growth of the cedar tree. This is soft material and will soak up moisture in the winter causing the fence boards to swell and will shrink up like a sponge on the kitchen sink in the hot summer months.

6. Metal-framed gates and heavy-duty strike latches!

Embassy Enterprises guarantees all work for one-year. The most common reason for a call-back is the gate not latching properly. We have virtually eliminated this by using a metal-framed gate that eliminates sagging and have upgraded all our gate latches to a gloss black post-mounted strike latch that has been a huge hit with all our customers.

7. One millions dollars insurance!

Embassy Enterprises carries much more business liability insurance than the state requires. This high level of insurance is designed to add peace of mind to our customers knowing that in the unlikely event something happens, their home and financial future is not at risk.

8. $20,000.00 Bond!

A bond means that in the event that the contractor has acted dishonorably to the customer, the customer has recourse knowing that the state is holding $20,000.00 to cover a dispute involving money that is available to the customer in a dispute resolution.

9. Pre-stained posts and rails!

We use our all natural plant based stain on our posts and rails on all our fences starting in 2015, an industry first.

10. Service from respectful friendly professionals!

Embassy Enterprises is a drug and alcohol free company and we conduct ourselves as dignitaries in your sovereign territory……your home. Please go to the CCB website at and verify for yourself that we have never had even one complaint by typing in our license #141629. It really does pay to check out your contractor, references and always get at least 3 other bids.

No money exchanges hands until the project is complete!

What further sets Embassy Enterprises apart from all other contractors that install fencing is the risk-free business transactions with an unprecedented one-year warranty. No Deposit, 2 scheduled service visits, 90% due at completion. Interest free financing available. One year warranty, superb job site clean-up is part of the Embassy Experience.

This warranty comes with two scheduled service visits 6 months apart with 5% due at each visit. Topping-off this offer of amazing " heirloom-opulent quality " fencing that will not only adorn your estate like an exotic automobile in the driveway, it will proved protection with a unique style and elegant grace for decades to come.

On-site consultation & measuring is $100.00 but refunded upon acceptance of the proposal.

Embassy Enterprises offers our exclusive service to residential homeowners only. You must be the owner of the house in order to receive a bid. Nobody takes the art of fence building to a greater extreme or possesses a greater passion for building Residential Masterpiece Fencing. Anybody can talk a great job, we prove it first before you pay a dime, we withhold 10% of the job price for future scheduled warranty service.

The Embassy Enterprises Platinum Line of pre-stained blemish-free all clear cedar fencing is the highest quality cedar fence offered to the public in the Western Hemisphere. It is not possible to obtain higher quality cedar fencing materials and protect them with better stain that the Platinum Line offered exclusively by Embassy Enterprises. Nobody out-builds the Embassy Enterprises Platinum Line of clear cedar fencing and gates.........Nobody !

Fencing is $87.00 per linear foot installed

Gates are $125.00 per linear foot installed

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